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That one girl who lived next door I can never stop thinking about.

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I have so much anger built up towards you so much that If you said hi to me I would explode. It’s funny how I used to love you when yours was fake as fuck


Hello dear, hope life’s treating you well. I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you about this weeks submission;I have always been drawn to these beautiful patterns and color combinations. Surrounding myself with and wearing them makes me feel like myself even though they come from a culture so very different than mine. As much as I’m obsessed with grey melange t-shirts - wearing colors makes my day brighter. Simple as that.Hugs and a great CC wednesday to the lot of you!

This photo is anything but ‘simple as that’. What a gorgeous submission. The colors and textures seem to wrap around your limbs and embrace you. I hope you are beyond pleased with this image - it almost looks like an oil painting to me. 

Stéphane Giret | Photo : Fred Mortagne

I love the work you post. I find it inspiring.I am submitting because I would be honored to have my work be included with all the other amazing photographers you share.

beautiful photo, thanks for sharing chriswidickphotography

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You’re annoying if you’re going to accuse me of lying which I can only assume it’s bc I talked to H literally in the amount of times I count on one hand, mainly because she was the only one awake when I’m at work in the morning bored as fuck on Facebook.
it’s pretty fucking stupid that I’ve finally stopped being pissed off about what you did to me when I left one fucking year ago and completely ruined any self confidence and belief in anyone that I’ve had to work my ass off on myself to get any of that back, I try and be civil and you ignore me because of you’re boyfriend or until you want to vent or out of the blue somehow miss me which is always the biggest joke. You never miss me nor will ever prove me otherwise. One year and I got over it but clearly my hatred for what happened is still there and the hurt. So if you want to be mad then be mad you wanna never talk again then never talk to me again. You’re call. I’m done trying I’m done making every ounce of the effort, I don’t need this.

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I want rough sex

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